Essay about A Research On Near Death Experiences

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Near death experiences give us a different outlook on how the human body and mind reacts to our final moments. NDE may occur at the brink of death almost similar to an out of body experience. Many people are unsure of the causes of NDEs. They are confused to whether it is a scientific or religious process. However, it has been scientifically proven that NDEs are linked to the brain’s functions. They are proven by scientific studies because of the research on lack of oxygen in the brain, the chemicals that are released during the brink of death, and the lifelong emotions and memories of that individual.
New analysis on the key factor in NDE is the gradual onset of anoxia, the deprivation of oxygen, in the brain. Whatever activity is going on while anoxia occurs it affects the right temporal lobe of the brain. Thus, reacting together may generate a near death experience. In the Netherlands a prospective study shows that 62 patients out of 344 (81%) claimed to have a NDE ( Pim van Lommel). Pim, van Lommel, a dutch author and researcher, also states “With a purely physiological explanation such as cerebral anoxia for the experience, most patients who have been clinically dead should report one” . This shows that anoxia is quite common and connected with NDEs. The lack of air being properly circulated to the body could be one of the main reasons that can cause an NDE.
When the body is put into a life or death situation it tries to keep us calm and protects us with many different…

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