A Research On Gene Therapy Essay

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Fear is what drives research. The fear of not knowing, something that will drive anyone insane, is what causes a lot of medical research. The history of diseases in America and is pretty simple, diseases came from Europe during discovery and exploration of the new world. After the colonization of America, and the slave trade, modern diseases were introduced, just not identified. Till this day scientist and doctors are discovering diseases and disorders, some curable, some are treatable, and some have no solutions. The fear of being told you have one of these diseases, such as cancer, HIV, or multiple sclerosis, is something that will cause unexplainable emotions for the patient and their family. This fear has led to new, groundbreaking research called Gene Therapy. The concept of Gene Therapy is made very simple in Gail Javitt and Anya Princes’ book Innovation, Dual Use, and Security: Managing the Risks of Emerging Biological and Chemical Technologies, breaking down the reasons why we would use such technology. Javitts and Prince state, “ Gene therapy is the insertion of foreign genetic material into a person’s cells or tissues to alter gene function and potentially treat or cure hereditary diseases”. Gene therapy is not a new concept but was actually first founded in the 90’s and was considered to be innovative and a cure to all diseases but there are many concerns regarding this technology. In a time where there are a large amount of incurable diseases, gene therapy…

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