Essay on A Research Based Studies On Adolescent Drinking

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Silveris provides us research-based studies that tell us adolescent drinking has increased almost ten percent in the last ten years. The question Silveri attempts to answer is what effects does this have directly on adolescents, and on society as a whole. Is this the effect of underlying factors such as alcohol being easier to obtain by adolescents or even an increase in depression by adolescents? Additionally Silveri discusses the types of harms adolescent drinking has directly the brain. Silveri solely relies on studies to prove everything she has to say.

Silveri, Marisa M. "Adolescent Brain Development and Underage Drinking in the United States: Identifying Risks of Alcohol Use in College Populations." Harvard Review of Psychiatry. U.S. National Library of Medicine, 2012.

Silveri claims that the reason alcohol consumption has risen ten percent among adolescents are because depression has also risen. Silveri argues multiple studies have shown similar linear progressions in both depression, and alcohol consumption by adolescents. Silveri states the brain doesn’t stop developing until age twenty five, therefore any drinking done beforehand will have negative effects on specifically memory, and ability to learn. Silveri argues the brain is susceptible to alcohol effects at a much more significant rate if you are under the age of twenty-one. Furthermore according to the author anyone of under the age of twenty-one should not drink even in small amounts.
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