A Research And The Information That Can Help Reduce Bias On An Individual Level

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I have learned that we have the research and the information that we need to mitigate prejudice. Even though we have concrete science that tells us how to reduce prejudice, we still live in a society riddled with hatred and bias. We have a desire not to appear prejudiced, and we often try hard to prove to ourselves and others that we are not biased (Harber, 2010; Harber, 1998). It is cognitively wearing to attempt to keep up this non biased ploy (Richeson & Shelton, 2003). Instead of spending so much energy and effort trying to appear not to be biased, let’s focus our efforts towards actually not being biased. The research shows that there are numerous things that can help reduce bias on an individual level. Practicing cooperation within a group positively influences cooperation between groups (Keenan & Carnevale, 1989). In addition, cognitive dissonance can be employed to change an individual’s opinion of a group (Brehm, 1959; Darley & Berscheid, 1967). Prejudice reduction can also occur on a group level.
There is a positive change in attitude that mitigates prejudice when individuals interact with the group they have prejudice towards when both parties hold equal status during the interaction (Deutsch & Collins, 1951; Wilner, Wallcley & Cook, 1955). This equal status contact between groups increases understanding and decreases tension (Pettigrew, 1997). However, there are certain conditions that must be present for prejudice to be effectively reduced. The contact must…

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