A Report On The Sound Of A Coffee Essay

1387 Words Sep 16th, 2015 null Page
It’s early in the morning, 7 am to be precise. The sound of percolating coffee can be heard from the kitchen, as its eye opening aroma begins to fill the air. Once again, I find myself in my daily routine, searching for something to keep me entertained. I sit down at the kitchen table and open my laptop. My eyes are still crusty from a wishful night of good sleep, as I type in my Facebook user name and password. A cigarette hangs from my lips and I take the first puff, as if needed to awaken my senses. While I wait for the page to open, I slip into the kitchen and grab myself a very dark cup of coffee. Strangely reminiscent of an oil slick on the ocean, the light reflects off the rainbow like swirls. I bring myself back from the haze of steam rolling off the top of the mug and sit down to read today’s first post.
Great! I think to myself. It looks like today is going to be just like yesterday. Another newsfeed full of arguments on political views I could care less about.
As I continue to scroll further down the page digging for something worth reading or engaging in, I find myself suddenly slipping away into the depths of my uncontrollable mind. Why the hell am I wasting my time here? With such little time, why are any of us wasting time?
Most of these people I don’t even know, yet I find myself weirdly interweaved amongst their life stories grasping for something interesting. I wonder how many of us are desperately searching to live vicariously through each other,…

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