A Report On The Riots Essays

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If I was responsible for formulating a response to the riots, I would have moved away from harsh, arbitrary, punitive sentencing which is clearly evident in a statement by Cameron (2011) just after the riots, which I feel should be quoted here to reiterate his stance: “We are making technology work for us, by capturing the images of the perpetrators on CCTV - so even if they haven 't yet been arrested, their faces are known and they will not escape the law” and look towards a more reparation approach. To do this I would have given those charged with rioting and riot related offences community payback orders (Spurr, 2010) involving unpaid, supervised work to clean up the streets in which the rioting took place. I’d also set up meetings with them and the shop keepers and people who live in the affected areas under a restorative justice programme to place what Foucault coined responzibilisation (Garland, 1997) onto the community - in particular those charged - and away from the councils and business owners in a bottom up, community led approach. This type of response was encouraged by Gelsthorpe (2012) in her speech on the responses to the riots. This would aim to re-instil a sense of community spirit by creating shared aims and goals in the effort to clean up and repair the damage that was done in order to create what Durkheim refers to as mechanical solidarity in society (Merton, 1994), thus reducing the already vast gap between ‘them’ – the working class who were blamed…

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