Essay about A Report On The Program 's Goal

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The program’s goal is to create a psychotherapeutic environment where individuals can acquire fundamental techniques to function in a relationship. These techniques will provide the venue for personal growth, and consist of developing self-esteem, acquire problem solving, and decision making skills, learn to manage finances, even learn parenting skills among others. Furthermore, in clinical settings individuals often seek psychotherapy when relationships are not working, or the relationships failed (Gurman & Burton, 2014). This program will be preventative in the form of providing skills that will promote personal growth. Through personal growth the individual may be better equipped to manage a relationship effectively. The process will begin with a thorough intake, followed by an assessment. Following the assessment of the individual, he or she will be provided with different options on how to meet their needs. Some of the resources that the program will provide are workshops, support groups and therapy groups. The target population for this program design are single adults that live in the Miami Dade County area.
Community Demography Assessment
Population and its Environment In a survey conducted in 2014 it was found that there are 107 million unmarried people living in the United States. Fifty-three percent of the individuals polled, of 18 years of age and above were female, the remaining 47 percent were males. Sixty three percent of the individuals…

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