Essay on A Report On The Media

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1. FACEBOOK IS LETTING CELEBRITIES STREAM THEIR LIVES TO FANS BY HINDUSTAN TIMES This study is about the startling popularity of Meerkat which prompted a race for the live-gushing crown. Twitter bounced into this race very quickly with the dispatch of Periscope. This study also mentioned how Facebook reported the arrival of Live for Mentions, an element inside its VIP-just Mentions application that permits open figures to show live video to their fans. Facebook has said big names, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Serena Williams, Luke Bryan, Ricardo Kaka, Ashley Tisdale, Lester Holt, Martha Stewart, and Michael Bublé will be the primary individuals to utilize Live. Like Meerkat and Periscope, Live for Mentions permits fans to remark on streams as they are going on, and additionally demonstrating the big name telecaster what number of individuals are watching them at any given time. What separates Live for Mentions from contenders is that it distributes documented recordings to the big name 's Facebook page, permitting fans who missed the live presentation to look at it later.
2. AN EXPLORATORY STUDY OF COLLEGE STUDENTS ' FANNING BEHAVIOR ON FACEBOOK BY KAREN HYLLEGARD This study inspected variables that foresee understudies ' utilization of Facebook and additionally their thought processes to fan organizations on the website. Likewise of hobby were variables that add to understudies ' choices to fan, how understudies who fan vary from the individuals…

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