A Report On The Hydraulic System Essay

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This technical report aims to present the possible causes and the solutions for the problems in the unloading circuit of the hydraulic system as well as recommendation for the maintenance strategy the system. The problem are oil reservoir is too hot and the curing pressure in the system insufficient. This report consists of two main topics. Firstly, the technical topic, which has covered the possible causes and some recommendations to solve problems in the system. Secondly, the maintenance strategy, in this part of the report there will be two types of maintenance strategies, which are preventative and predictive maintenance strategies. Each type is related to specific piece of equipment required in this hydraulic system.

Technical Topic The hydraulic system in this factory is unloading circuit type. It consists of many components such as, pressure gauges, valves and controllers. According to the information of the unloading hydraulic system provided below, there are the obvious problems, which are the oil reservoir is too hot and the curing pressure in the system insufficient. In this part of report, the possible causes of these problems and recommended the method of solving problems in the system.

Possible problems and solution
1. Pressure filter or inline filter.
This filter is fitted after pump directly (discharge line). The pressure and flow rate increase or decrease in discharge line depend on the demand of the system in normal process.…

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