A Report On The Department Of Labor Essay

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By the time I got out, my connections have been spreading the word about what happened, and the inspection department of the ministry of labor followed up on a report I filed when I filed the lawsuit.

A Saudi friend, who was also fired wrongfully, started following up with the Ministry of Labor aggressively and informed his Excellency The Minister Of Labor Eng. Adel Bin Mohammed Fakeih with the violations of labor law in FAST. A directive issued from the minister, so my friend followed up with directive every morning.

I was extremely sick and recovering while going to my job, so I had to look after my health.
But Every morning, my friend would be sitting in the offices of the employees of the Ministry of Labor before they even showed up. He kept doing it for many days until a group of inspectors went on a raid to FAST.

The ministry of labor raided the headquarters of FAST consortium multiple times during my time working in FAST and after I was fired.
For about six months after I was fired, FAST was raided many times because they also fired Saudis wrongfully. But every time a raid happened after I was fired, FAST’s higher management would say “because we fired Bakheit.” My Dutch friends would tell the management it was not because of Bakheit. I guess the higher management knew they fired me for no reason, so they felt guilty about it. Yet, they decided to keep silent about the unjust.
My friends knew I did not report to the ministry of labor at that time nor I had…

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