A Report On The Company Essay

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The company that I am going to write about is called Radaris. This is a company, which collects and sells customers ' information. According to Radaris webpage (Radaris, 2015), the data that Radaris have about the customers ', is collected from a social media, official public records, publications and user reviews. Radaris cite says (Radaris, 2015) that the company does not create information; it is only packaging the costumer’s info that is available on the internet. This company 's goal is to connect business and people. Their slogan is “provide information that creates opportunities for you!” What kind of material does Radiaris collects and sells? It collects data about costumer’s background, sex offenders, reverse phone numbers, property records, regional sites, Emails, home addresses. Moreover; this company web site has separate pages that give a reader more evidences about the company. What got my attention during my research is that the website has separate page called “Concepts and Principles. The concepts and principles are deeply explained in a content that has five different views. In my essay, I am going to write about only three of them. I am going to explain analyses and give suggestions, by using the course materials. The number one view is “Get to know people before you deal with them”, second “everyone has a right to free speech as protected by the First Amendment, and the last one is “no removals”.
“Get to know people before you deal with them”…

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