A Report On The Acme Company Essay examples

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The ACME Company manufactures various electronic devices for a variety of well-known brands. Many of these products are fully assembled and stored at the plant awaiting shipment to the vendors, including the expensive components used to manufacture these devices. There has been an alarming problem that significant inventory shortages have been occurring for the assembled devices as well as the stock components used to manufacture the devices resulting in substantial company losses as a result of extensive employee theft. Through discussions with private security leaders from other organizations, about the effectiveness of an administrative search program as an option to address internal theft, a meeting is called with the security team and other company directorate heads, to include the organization’s legal counsel, to discuss possible security options to thwart the reported losses. This meeting centers on the fact that in private industry/business, some employers need to institute an administrative, non-coercive, care taking search programs to address real or perceived property losses at the hands of their employees. While there are issues that must be considered beyond the impact it might have on employee morale. Everyone agreed there is a need to vet the legality of an administrative search under consideration but also consider the potential for civil lawsuits filed against the company due to search protocols that are found by a court to be unreasonable, discriminatory,…

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