A Report On Red Lobster Essay

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After a night out my friends and I decided to treat ourselves and eat out. We debated about where to go until we finally agreed on Red Lobster. A restaurant whose slogan is “where we see food differently”. Being an establishment that prides itself on serving fresh seafood and excellent service every guest should expect this when choosing them as their dining option. However, upon entering the Erie Red Lobster, you are welcomed by a cliché atmosphere, compiled with service that lacks hospitality, and food that has poor quality. As soon as we walked through the door we were greeted and put on a wait. The host told us it would only be a short wait “10-15 minutes”. While we waited in the lobby, which is cramped area with only two wooden benches placed against either wall, we were surrounded by tacky décor. Although Red Lobster is a renowned seafood restaurant, the decorations scream Long John Silvers. There are signal flags encased in picture frames that spell out “FISH”. I wonder who thought of that one. Every wall has a picture of a lighthouse or boat. The pictures are printed on canvas and painted over with a thick clear coat to give a hand painted look. There are model semi-boats and a model barometer/thermometer on the wall. The bamboo plants, which I am not sure how they tie into seafood, are overgrown, dying and covered in dust. Thrown in amongst the bamboo plants are artificial plants that are very elementary and blatantly fake. Why waste money on real plants, if…

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