A Report On Business Information Systems Essay

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The business that I will use for my paper’s subject matter is a cabinet making company. I currently work at a company similar to the one described.
Currently the company uses several business information systems. The corporation uses Peachtree accounting software4, Microsoft Office for document publishing, an internally written MRP (material request planning), and Infinity QS5 systems for quality enhancement. All of these programs are currently running on the internal intranet but the systems do not communicate without cyborg intervention. An integrated system that does all of these services might help with the Programmers have upgraded the original MRP system incorporating more features that are available through Microsoft operating systems. Some of these features include copy text, paste text, and print screen window. The legacy software package was not able to interact with computer operator systems. These features were being accomplished by third party software of Snag it. The MRP system does not communicate with Infinity QS software. This has created a problem with proper tracking of defects to the source. With the resources available to the company there is enough talent within the corporation to rewrite an integrated system or at least a central one that will facilitate the gaps of communication between them.
The risks that our company faces with running proprietary2 software are high. Other markets for these programs have vast testing and support groups…

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