Essay about A Report On Auditing Department

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Auditing Department Companies that sell obligated electronic products are required to remit the Electronic Handling Fee for items sold, to EPRA. EPRA refers to these companies as stewards. Stewards include “all manufacturers, retailers, distributors and other suppliers of regulated electronic products in, or into, any one of the provinces in Canada” ( The steward inputs online how many of each product category they sold. Since the amounts owed are directly submitted by the steward, it is important that they are audited to ensure proper application is in place so that the right amounts are being remitted. The auditing team consists of a manager and four compliance analysts (five including myself). The manager is the director of finance, compliance and reporting. All of the compliance analysts have worked at EPRA for at least a year, and the manager has been in charge of the auditing team since it was established in 2014. Each of the compliance analysts does several audits in a month, and many of them are done outside of Ontario or in the U.S..
Audits are generally done by one person, however some companies (for example Best Buy Canada) require more compliance analysts. Each audit starts with preparation at the EPRA office including a trend analysis of payments received by EPRA, requesting documentation and completing tests with documents provided. There is then a two-day visit to the steward’s office which includes speaking to the…

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