A Report On A Company 's Company Essay

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Transmittal This is a report that I prepared on a company whose employees were demoralized leading to poor performance. The company efficiency had decreased drastically leading to doubling of absenteeism. I compiled a report based on two alternatives that I thought were the best solution to the problem. At first, I had chosen hoteling and hot-disking against job sharing. However, I later scaled down to hoteling and job sharing. This was informed by the fact that hot-disking is slightly different from hoteling and hoteling appeared to be more efficient. The research in this report is limited to specific organizations; for hoteling to work, the activities of the company should flexible enough to be conducted at home with no group work required. Additionally, I used few companies as example which may have provided insufficient justification. This report provides details on the two options suggested. The management of any organization that fits into such flexible activities can use it to improve the work force; I have provided a supported recommendation to guide such decision making. Finally, I am grateful for this opportunity that I was given to explore this topic and come up with a solution. It has provided me with an insightful chance to learn more on how to handle employees better.
Executive Summary Solving the problem of unproductivity among workers is an uphill task for the human resources managers. Employees are become less productive due to the monotonous nature…

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