Essay on A Report Of Child Abuse

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A report of child abuse is made every ten seconds(“Child”). Child abuse is a physical maltreatment or sexual molestation of a child(“Child Help”). Child abuse manifests in physical, mental and emotional symptoms that can greatly affect the child’s future. Child abuse is violating the child’s trust with the abuser (“Child”). If nobody puts a stop to child abuse, it will never end in the future.
Physical child abuse is a type of abuse that is involves: punching, kicking, beating, and sometimes burning. Physical abuse can tie with sexual abuse. Physical abuse is rarely accidental. Children get abused sometimes by a parent, a stranger, or a guardian that has been drinking or has a drinking problem. Usually someone can tell when a child is being abused by their behavior changes in school and how they act around a certain person that may be abusing them (“What”).
Emotional and mental abuse tie together, because they both have some type of connection with verbal abuse. Children that suffer from this type of abuse, usually have low-self esteem which causes them to believe what somebody tells them. They might think they are not good enough for anything, and maybe even think about committing suicide (“What”). Some kids think about suicide, because they want to get away from being abused and they think suicide is the best way to do so. Children that get abused this way, might have a disorder with multiple personalities and it helps them get away from the memories they have of being…

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