A Relief For Rheumatoid Arthritis Essay

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13. Offer relief for rheumatoid arthritis
Clinical studies have shown that curcumin is very effective in providing relief for rheumatoid arthritis as a result of its powerful antioxidant effects. Curcumin is highly potent because it can neutralize free radicals and other chemicals that are known to cause damage to healthy body cells and cell membranes. Common arthritis symptoms such as joint pain are caused by the presence of free radicals.

Because of its high degree of efficiency, the effects of curcumin in providing relief to people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis is only comparable to that of effective drugs such as phenylbutazone. The other advantage of using curcumin in providing relief for rheumatoid arthritis is its net effect in increasing walking duration; shortening the duration of morning stiffness and reducing the swellings of the joint.

14. Using turmeric and cauliflower to halt the development prostate cancer
Phytonutrient curcumin and phenethyl isothiocyanates found in cauliflower as well as turnips, cabbage and broccoli have been shown to retard the growth of human prostate cancer causing cells in immune deficient mice. Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death in the US; about 0.5 million cases of this disease are reported every year.

In contrast, studies done in India have shown prostate cancer to be very among Indian men, because most men in India use turmeric and diets rich with their vegetables. Scientist also believe the combination…

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