Essay on A Reflection On My Mathematics Class

798 Words Apr 21st, 2016 4 Pages
According to what the students have been taught in my mathematics class, I was fully confident that they were capable of learning the new topic. Their prior knowledge demonstrated understanding of line segments, knowing how to name common triangles based on their vertices (the name on the endpoints, figuring out that the sum of triangles are always one hundred eighty degrees, and finally knowing the three different types of triangles (acute, obtuse, and right). With their activated prior knowledge of line segments and understanding different degrees, the students were able to use the equation of a circle and its appropriate formula from what they have already learned from their previous lesson. Their attitudes and values of their prior knowledge were shown to be only constructive and upbeat. From this, I was aware that the students were able to process and integrate the new information from what they learned before to set on the new lesson that the mentor teacher taught. Each individual student was capable of understanding the new activity that they were learning based on their prior lesson and their notes. When doing their assignment, they were able to recall old memory to help them finish the assignment on time as well as compare with their partners. The reasons that they are less confused and prepared mentally with the new activity, shows how effective they were in their previous lessons and how easy it was for them to understand. Not only were they prepared in…

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