Essay about A Reflection On A Blurred Figure

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A blurred figure is in my direct vision, as hushed prayers and frequent sobs filled the silence. The mood has faltered from the days early on that were so full of cheerfulness and life. Unlike that day, it was falling negatively towards an everlasting sleep for someone who I deeply cared about. Safoe Watson Jr was lying against a hospital bed that had been planted within his own home more than a couple of days before that day, breathing slower and slower every few minutes. I stood there, next to my younger sibling, reminiscing in memories to past the time. Not only did those memories overwhelm me, but the gut punching feeling of guilt and regret hit me, feeling as if it knocked me out of breath. The regret lingers, thinking of my young years whilst in my grandpa’s long, well-lived life. My thumbs fumbled and played together as time continued to pass, and as I continued to drown myself in unwelcome self-pity, I remember.
Rolling time back to when I spent the majority of my summers in Moultrie, Georgia, having lived in Orlando, Florida with my mom and dad at the time, I had always been heavily biased towards my grandpa out of my two grandparents. I had been known as ‘grandpa’s girl’. He just seemed so exciting and fun to hang around, and he always had so many stories to share about his past years when he was a younger soul. Every day with my grandpa had always been a day well spent. We would fish for hours near the lake by their trailer. We would share laughs and fun times,…

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