Comparison Of Giles Corey And The Salem Witch Trials

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Do you believe in Satan, the devil, or even witches? In the years 1692-1693, in a town called Salem, two-hundred people were accused of being witches, and twenty of those people were executed. Many other places such as England were very religious at the time. The Witch Trials were caused by the fear of the devil and anyone associated with him. Not only were women incriminated as witches, men were accused too. Modern day witch hunts continue to be a superlative example of man’s inhumanity to man, which is a direct reflection of the persecution of Giles Corey and the Salem Witch Trials. Witch trials continue in the modern day, and they are not as different from the Witch Trials of prior. They both focus on rumours and fear. For example, …show more content…
He was one of the 6 men people to be executed during the Salem Witch Trials. Unlike the other people executed he was crushed to death by stones and not hangned. Corey was born in the year 1611, in england. He moved to Salem at about 1659, and was a farmer south of the Salem Village. Even though he had been a registered member of the town’s church, Corey did not have the best notoriety. Citizens knew he did not care much for them, and In 1675 he was tried and found guilty of beating a farm hand to death. Corey paid a large fine because of this murder. At the age of 80 he was accused of witchcraft one month after his wife, Martha, was accused. Giles Corey did not plead because he knew that the jury had already deemed him guilty. He was pressed to death by order of the court to try to get him to plead. This shows how Giles Corey is an appropriate example of how the Salem Witch Trials are an illustration of man’s inhumanity to man. In Salem, Massachusetts around 1692-1693 C.E. 200 people were accused of performing witchcraft. These people were only accusing people because of fear and religion. Witches were feared by everyone in Salem because of the unanimous belief in Christianity. Around this time, people in Salem thought that one could sell their soul to the devil. These people also believed that once doing so, that this person was a witch and should be executed. What was the spark that set of the fire of this mass

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