Essay on A Reader That Is Not Keen

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In forming the sentences, I used some conjunction words such as but’ and ‘and’. While reading the book, a reader that is not keen is likely to confuse the judgments, opinions, and feelings that Elizabeth has for the author. For instance, the passage that describes how Elizabeth felt and her opinions after she spent time with Jane are very confusing. Jane admires both her and her sisters. She does so with acknowledgement that is implicit. Elizabeth’s vanity is gratified. Jane admits that she is inferior whilst Elizabeth is superior. She does this unaware of her egotism that comes out in an illogical comical way. As a result, Jane sees the superiority that Elizabeth gives to her as a sign that is obvious of the sensibility that she (Jane) has.
I also used the question method in order to fathom the chapters effectively, moving from one sentence to another. For example, in chapters 43-61, there arise some questions that need answering. For example, what do the introductory paragraphs of the narration tell us about Elizabeth? She comes out as an egotist who is unaware of her flaws. He character is similar to that of Jane’s, a person she deeply admires. Her intellectual, moral, and social senses come out clearly. Another question that arises is the Mr. Bingely reasons out with respect to Elizabeth;’ character. He describes it as ’sensible’ (chapter 57). So the question is, does he conversation that goes on in the rest of the chapters support the description? Additionally, what…

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