Essay on A Public Health Concern For Mental Health

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Over decades, the use of substances and addiction have become a public health concern for mental health professionals. Additionally, substance use disorders have a powerful impact on the health of individuals, their families, and their communities. Moreover, mental disorders involve changes in perceptions, mood, and behavior. As an outcome, it can affect how individuals make choices and perceive the world around them. Additionally, mental health disorders may co-occur with substance use disorders.
Furthermore, the Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality (2015), mentioned that about 27 million people aged 12 years or older used an illicit drug in the past 30 days, which corresponds to about 1 in every 10 Americans. Additionally, the current percentage was higher than those in every year from 2002 through 2013. However, the illicit drug use estimate for 2014 continues to be driven primarily by marijuana use and the nonmedical use of prescription pain relievers. Furthermore, approximately 22.2 million people are current marijuana users, and about 4.3 million people reported the current nonmedical use of prescription pain relievers.
The present research paper aims at displaying a comprehensive knowledge of the current literature and demonstrates an understanding of the current implications for mental health professionals. Moreover, the implication for group treatment outcomes is discussed. Additionally, the analyzation of current strengths and weakness…

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