Essay on A Prolonged Whistle Split The Air

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“A prolonged whistle split the air. The wheels began to grind. We were on our way.” (20)
This is the moment where everything changes. Murders, officers calling out orders, and a lot of horrific things will be happening. It’s very heartbreaking to just think about what the Jews are going through. This passage makes me feel sorrow and sad. If you think about it, everything just gets taken away from them in a split second. It’s hard to ignore the fact that some people are fearing for their lives. The most unexpected thing in life just happens.

“Eight words spoken quietly, indifferently, without emotion. Eight short, simple words. Yet that was the moment when I parted from my mother.” (27)
Something so little turned out to be something so big. The author has his way of turning the passage into something unique. All the SS officers did was call out orders to separate the men and women. Yet, that was when he was parted from his mother and sisters. I was glad he wasn’t separated from his whole family, his father was with him. I wonder what was going through the minds of Eliezer and his family when they were pulled apart.

“Was there a single place here where you were not in danger of death?” (37)
If you were in a Nazi death camp, danger was lurking everywhere. One little thing done wrong could lead to death. How the passage is written is very appealing. The tone of it is serious because death is involved. This passage prompts a strong emotional response from me. It made me…

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