A Project Manager Of Four Different Projects Essay

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Sherry Bailey, a Project Manager of four different projects took time out of her busy schedule for an interview with students at Cary High School about her current job, background, job success, stakeholders and challenges.. This interview allowed the students to look into the office of a Project Manager and how one accomplishes them while keeping all parties and team members happy.

Sherry Bailey works at North Carolina State University and is funded through four different initiatives; The Department of Energy, Nuclear, Engineering, and The Dean’s Office. Sherry’s work hours vary with each project, depending on the different demands and workloads the specific project might have, and how far the project might already be. Her hours on average days are 9am-6pm or 10am-8pm. Sherry uses uses sheets and lists to stay organized, as well as many reminders and tabs on her calender and phone. She is responsible for budgeting both time and money for some of the professors.
In addition to impeccable organization and communication skills, a project manager must be very positive and well at interacting with others in a team. One must be sure that all the necessary resources, in order to have a successful project are available, as well as provide support to your fellow team members.

Another essential skill is to be proficient in Microsoft Office, to keep input for your team and analysis gained through the projects you complete. Organization is a very big key to success in being a…

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