A Positive View Of Isis Essay

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According to Alex Swoyer, Author of More than one in ten Syrian refugees have ‘positive’ view of Islamic State. “85% of Arabs across the Middle East have a negative view of ISIS, while 11% see them positively.”(Swoyer). Although this number may seem huge, Swoyer deeply wants people to consider otherwise. The percentages in the chart had numbers in contrast for if the Syrians have a positive view on ISIS, The highest percentage of positive views were 24%. People with a positive view on ISIS most likely have this view because they feel like they are not being threatened therefore they have nothing to fear. Theissen noted that with the political debate over whether or not to allow more Syrian refugees to come into the United States, “even if the vetting process were perfect, it does not account for the more than 1 in 10 refugees who may not be ISIS operatives, but are ISIS sympathizers- and thus potential ISIS recruits down the line. This tries to tell us that most people that empathize ISIS or have a positive view on them may be recruited later on. ” (Theissen). In the picture on the front cover of the paper, it shows numerous amounts of people descending off the boat and into the water, and the others in life jackets trying to rescue the ones they can. This picture wants to appeal to you in a pathos view, catching you in your emotions and making you to feel bad for the people who have come all this way. It shows you what they have to go through and it makes you want to…

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