A Population 's Views On Political Issues Essay

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A population’s views on political issues may change as different circumstances occur each day. The environment around us has a powerful influence on the decisions that we produce and the views that we as American citizens choose to hold. In order to obtain those views and come to a conclusion on decisions is based on the values that we embrace. These values are originated from our upbringing, friends, family, and our life experiences that we, as individuals, face. Our principles then determine what we deem important or non-important and in a political sense can even tell us what party we identify ourselves with. In taking the Ideology Quiz I found my results to fall smack dab in the liberal area. After taking time and really relating my values tom my answers throughout the quiz I do agree with this classification. I believe the survey itself classified me as a Liberal due to the values I share with other Liberals. The most significant one being equality. Believing in government action to achieve equal opportunity and equality for all. This being one of my values followed by freedom, respect for the individual, and loyalty. Due to these being the ideals that define me the policies that demands equality amongst people is one that remains important to me. Even if I feel like my needs are being met I want the same for others as well. Liberals are also seen as those who see the duty of the government is to alleviate social ills and protect civil liberties, individual and human…

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