A Popular Tv Show Bates Motel Features The Story Of A Young Boy Named Norman Bates

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A popular TV show Bates Motel features the story of a young boy named Norman Bates, a fictional character created by Robert Bloch. NPR describes Norman Bates as one of the first psychotic killers, even before Freddy Krueger (P.Breslow). The TV show is a sequel to the popular novel Psycho, both television show and novel characters were inspired by famous Wisconsin murderer Ed Gein as they portray similar characteristics and psychological problems as this killer. The popular show really puts in detail and helps explain how Norman suffered severe emotional abuse as a young boy from both parents. The main culprit of this abuse though was his beloved mother, Norma. His mother was constantly preaching to him that sexual intercourse was wrong and degrading women by saying to him that all women were whores except for her. The show also leads you to believe that their relationship my have been incestuous. The severe psychological issues started to begin after Normans mother passed away. Norman was a child dependent of his Mother, Norma. She was an extremely possessive mother who brainwashed her son to think that nobody else in the world existed or mattered. When she began seeing another man, after her husband passed away, Norman became incredibly jealous of their relationship and killed both of them. After he killed both of them be began to develop dissociative identity disorder, by assuming his mothers personality to erase his awareness of her murder and to forget the feelings…

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