A Plan For A Nazi Germany Essay

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In 1942, allied forces needed to form a plan to take back Nazi occupied France, this plan turned out to be Operation Overlord. In 1943, with clarity that the German U-Boats were no longer an issue in Allied waters, Britain gained confidence that it was time to begin planning the operation. “The broad outline of the attack was relatively simple: find suitable beaches, gather landing force, isolate the battlefield by attacking bridges, tunnels, and rail networks so that German defenders could not be easily reinforced, and land the troops. Once a beachhead was established, the plan was to pour in the supplies needed to sustain an offensive and then break out into the French countryside.” (Murray.2008) The plan strategically thought out and secrecy would be the Allied forces best chance of success. The Allied forces placed fake landing crafts, tanks, and camps in range of German reconnaissance. They used fake radio networks to simulate radio traffic for the Germans to intercept. The plan was to make Nazi Germany think that the Allied forces would attack on a different front, to take their focus off Operation Overlord. The Germans then planned improperly and sent resources to the wrong part of the country. They were completely fooled by the false attack. It was to be understood, that a battle like this would take any and everything the allied forces had in their power. Many different weapons and vehicles were used to make the operation a success. They used everything from…

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