A Plan A Personal Integrity Plan Essay

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The headlines are filled with stories of people who fail in ministry due to a short-sided decisions or a compromise of integrity. They trade all that God has for them for momentary pleasure. What is more, many leaders live with the weight of shame and guilt and settle for less than God’s call because they believe their secret is that horrible. Yet God is full of grace and has the power to pick leaders back up. Integrity can be restored. But what if there was a way to avoid the pitfalls so many ministry leaders find themselves? Certainly, there is a way and Wayde Goodall identifies fourteen areas/temptations that can take a leader out; as well as, a plan to avoid their destruction. He says, “If we avoid life’s hazards, we will save ourselves an incredible amount of money, relationships, trust, and time.”1 In essence, the best way to win over temptation is to have a plan—a personal integrity plan—so that one is not surprised by leadership temptations and will know the way out. For example, Goodall points out that leaders are tempted to express anger wrongly with their teams. Instead he says, “There are right ways and wrong ways to express anger. When we need to confront, correct, or evaluate wrong behavior, controlled anger is valid. But always try to combine it with encouragement, patience, and careful instruction.”2 In addition, he points out how stress can be utilized to propel a leader forward if it is handled correctly. He states, “It isn 't stress that makes us fail — it…

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