A Place For Stand By Baca Essay

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Not everyone will have an easy life or the opportunity to escape the troubles that hunt their pass. Sometimes the individual would be put in situation that require to break the law in order to stay alive. In Baca’s memoir “A Place To Stand” he write a story about his life and the obstacles and the disadvantages that he had to overcome and how he became a poet. Baca never had a sense of love and belonging with his unstable relationship between his mother and father. In addition to his childhood memories, Baca’s mother and father became a direct reflection of why he has a twisted view of love when it came to Theresa. Growing up in a foster home, Baca did not have a helping hand and was lost and forgotten. However, through the barrier that Baca faced in his live he was able to turn his life around and find a second chance where he became a poet where he can find his place to stand and write about his love and loss. Starting in his adolescents and into adult hood, Baca’s struggles with love and belonging. Baca never had a stable family, nor did he have a chance to become someone in life because of his loss. As Baca points out in “A Place To Stand” he says” he says, “In time, my own eyes would show all these emotions… love and forgiveness to pass between us” (3). What Baca was referring to here was his father. The first time Baca visited jail with his mother, it was at that moment in his life that he would never forget seeing his father behind bars. Prison to him was a dark…

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