Essay about A Piece Of Art As A Satire

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To understand a piece of art, and be able to differentiate it as a satire, one must first know what a satire is. A satire is defined as a literary work in which human foolishness or vice is attacked through irony, derision, or wit according to the website With the above definition I must add that satires are my favorite pieces of literature because of how witty, and cynical they can get to be. I selected two pieces of art to evaluate, and explain how both pieces of art are demonstrating satiric style in them. The first satirical art is from Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski, although the painting is not named I will like to give it one; Our Government. The second choice of art I will be discussing is by the artist John Holcrof; whom I think has a great sense of humor, his drawing is not titled either, but I have named it; The Cost of Cigarettes. These two artist have nothing in common, except that they both love to send a message through satire arts.
To begin with, I selected Kuczynski’s satire art because of the message it is portraying. This painting does not have a lot of different things, or people going on like the ones done by William Hogarth in Marriage-A-La-Mode. Instead, the painting I named Our Government is solely showing two things; at the very top is showing a view of the White House, and the Washington Monument, and at the bottom of the White house connected to the Washington Monument is Pinocchio’s nose. In this satire art…

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