A Personal Statement On Acceptance Essay

832 Words Apr 25th, 2016 4 Pages
Acceptance Throughout my life I have been through many things. All of these things require acceptance. Also i have been raised to be a very accepting person. In my photo essay I have chosen racism, sex, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religion, migration, family composition, and social roles. Growing up i was taught that all skin was beautiful. I have been friends with many diverse cultures in my lifetime and have experienced the situations they have been through in which others were not accepting of them. When I was younger I did not understand because racism had never been showed to me. Growing up I started seeing it more not only with people discriminating against my friends but also against me. My family is a mixture of races and i love them all. My grandparents are racist however but i was never shown it because i was not around them often, but i remember my grandmother saying to me once “how dare your aunt have a child with a black man” i remember being so angry. That was my cousin she was talking about. I still to this today remember that and will make sure my kids know that every skin color is beautiful. Sex was always something i had known about i think i learned early on. My mom had “the talk” with me pretty early. She told me i should wait until i met someone i knew i really loved. She never made me feel like it would be wrong but she made sure i knew it was special. Sexual orientation was something we talked about to i was practically…

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