A Person 's Mental Health Essay examples

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A person’s mental health greatly impacts how they handle certain situations. Most of the time, it can be unstable and cause them to do things they normally wouldn’t do. A loved one’s death can significantly affect a person’s mental health, leading to mental and emotional instability. In The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, the main character, Holden, still struggles with mental instability as a result of the loss of his younger brother. He wanders around the streets of New York trying to find the person he once was when his brother was alive. He loved his brother a great deal, and his death ultimately became the downfall of Holden’s mental stability. He is put into a situation he doesn’t know how to handle well, resulting in a mental breakdown that leads to thoughts of ending his own life. His way of dealing with the grief and mental pain is to be reckless and do whatever he wants without thinking about the consequences. At times in the novel, it seems like Holden doesn’t care for his own life, and always talks about Allie as a source of comfort from the real world. Mortality presents itself as a major theme in the novel with several instances of suicidal thoughts, death of a loved one, and feelings of isolation. The suicidal thoughts that constantly invade Holden’s mind give way to the idea that he doesn’t take his own life seriously. The way Holden talks about suicide shows how he doesn’t put enough value into the life he has. His mental state is clearly not stable…

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