A Parent 's Worst Nightmare Essay

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A parent’s worst nightmare: their child being diagnosed with cancer. As author John Green so articulately put it, “There’s only one thing shittier than biting it from cancer, and that’s having a kid who bites it from cancer” (Green). Unfortunately for parents, Jonny and Lorissa Stefanelli, this was a nightmare they could not escape. In early October of this year, their five year-old daughter, Natali, was diagnosed with Wilm’s Tumor, a rare kidney cancer that is most commonly found in children. Natali was immediately airlifted to the University of North Carolina Children’s Hospital, where she underwent a successful surgery for seven hours. Although surgeons were able to remove her tumor, kidney, lymph nodes, and appendix, Natali had to begin regular sessions of chemotherapy. Initially, her parents were told that her treatment was going to be one to four weeks long. However, that quickly turned into 28 weeks of chemotherapy. Her treatment would cost Natali her hair, compromise her immune system, and put a dent in her family’s finances. The Stefanelli’s insurance deductible alone was $10,000. Natali’s father took the initiative and created a Go Fund Me page for her and was able to raise approximately $13,000 thanks to generous donors (Stefanelli).
Sadly, not everyone is as fortunate. According to a recent survey by Kaiser Foundation, Harvard School of Public Health, and USA Today, one in four families affected by cancer used up most or all of their savings. One in ten reported…

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