Essay A & P By John Updike

1267 Words May 6th, 2015 6 Pages
Taletha Mumit
Dr. Rachel Miller
Composition II
May 4, 2015 The Ambiance of Public Dressing In the short story, “A & P”, by author John Updike, the decisions that the characters makes are consequential. The story has a twist to it. The teenagers are engaged in certain scenarios which includes the enticement and the judgments of others. The author, John Updike, uses a variety of literary elements to throw off the readers. However, this essay will illustrate and document as well as support the basis of gender, maturity, and individuality. John Updike uses the tones and setting to explore the decisions of a young teenager using his sexual desires, imagination, and raging hormones, which ultimately leads to some critical life changing decisions.
This story illustrates how judgments are passed in a Boston supermarket in the late 1960’s. In this town, there are middle class citizens living not too far from a beach. Sammy, the main character and first narrator in this short story, is accompanied by other coworkers several issues at hand. Sammy is fascinated by 3 young women who comes into the supermarket half dressed in what the author describes as skimpy underdressed swimsuits. Another author compares the young ladies as deep sea pretty fish or warm body mammals shopping for food in beachwear. Due to the different shapes and sizes Updike uses as imagery, another author compares the ladies to beautiful fish of the ocean symbolizing and implying, “They are…

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