Essay A Nursing Home Or A Relative 's Home?

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“A Nursing Home or a Relative’s Home?” Process Paper
I have often found myself attempting to formulate a thesis, knowing what my objective for the paper is, and yet, unable to form the sentence that could possibly set the tone for the rest of it. It is sometimes said that it should raise questions, allow for discussion, and must always summarize the entire paper in a sentence or two. I may have all of my ideas, and what points I intend to make written out, but I still struggle to form a proper thesis. It has likely been ingrained into me that one must have a thesis, and in some cases, an introductory paragraph before beginning the rest of the essay, and I have noticed that because of my difficulty with writing a thesis statement, I am sometimes stuck, unsure of how to begin.
Though I had trouble with beginning the essay, I found it easy to gather information, such as the average wage index from 2013 according to the Social Security Association, the average costs of multiple long-term health care insurances from 2012 according to the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance, and the average costs of assisted living programs from 2013 according to a national study performed by John Hancock. I also found it easy to prepare lists of points I would like to mention, such as positive and negative aspects of different situations.
To prepare to write my paper, especially when one is supposed to give information, including the positive, and negative aspects of a situation,…

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