Essay on A Nuanced Understanding Of The Eucharist

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Program Outline: The Eucharist
Set out a nuanced understanding of the Eucharist (i.e. a theology of the Eucharist) that you want to convey to your students, making reference to key concepts from five of the readings
Sacraments are sacred symbols and rituals through which people can be put in touch with the God . The sacrament of Eucharist is one of the three initiation sacraments. Through the sacraments, Jesus welcomes, heals, forgives and in ways touches followers through bread, wine and oil. Sacraments are seen as both personal and communal encounters with Jesus Christ. Jesus is understood by followers as a living symbol of God, therefore seen as uniquely as a sacrament himself. This was noted in John’s gospel when Jesus said to his disciples “Who has seen me, has seen the Father” (John 14:9, NRSV).
The Eucharist is a celebration and this celebration occurs over a meal. The Last Supper has been considered a particular type of meal; a Passover meal. For Jewish people, the Passover is one of three annual feasts. The Passover would take place on the evening of the first full moon of the first month in spring of that year. It originated in a sacrifice of a lamb to protect a flock and as the first wheat harvest of spring. This is where we get the Lamb of God you take away the sins of the world. Passover was adopted by the Israelites, celebrating God’s work for leading them out of Egypt. The question around the Last Supper is at what stage this occurred during Passover. The…

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