A Non Friend Relationship With The Blind Man And The Narrator

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In this story, Cathedral there is a non-friend relationship going on between the blind man and the narrator. It is undergoing with lots of is part of a meaning and deeper within one self.
The love and affection that has been going on towards the narrator’s wife that simply gives the narrator a blind feeling that he cannot recognize his wife’s needs, which only Robert can go after. The narrator still feels affection to his wife even if they are sleeping in separate rooms. He uses the phrase “my wife” a lot in his sentence when his feelings get in the way. Even though the narrator is not literally blind, he still displays a lack of instinct and a self-awareness that, in many ways, makes him even more blinder then Robert. Un-comparing to Robert, the narrator can see with his eyes perfectly very well, but he does have difficulties in understanding people’s thoughts and feelings that lie beneath the surface.
One day, he listens to the tape from Robert. The tape gave him a feeling in which he remarks, “I waited in vain to hear my name on my wife’s sweet lips”. Still feeling attached to her, as he notices the expose legs in which she sits in her robe. His feelings to her needs are so blind, maybe that’s the reason why his wife sleeps in the other room. In a sense that the narrator makes no effort in getting to know his own wife. On the other hand, the blind man (Robert) feels loved and being care of by the narrator’s wife. Always gets a lot of affection and love before his wife…

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