A New Perspective Of Culture Essay

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Summary Crouch continues to provide a new perspective of culture by addressing culture through cultivation and creation. In his third chapter, Crouch addresses the idea that culture changes, however he discusses culture making through the term integrity. He continues to broaden the definition of culture being more than just a worldview. In his next chapter, he discusses four inneffective ways of changing culture: condemning, critiquing, copying, and consuming. He concludes by stating the way to change culture is through creation, creating something new. We should be aware of the culture and create various ways to become cultivators to change. In his fifth chapter, he address that in order to effectively change culture, there needs to be a posture that is formed. He returns back to his discussion in chapter 4, by addressing the four ineffective postures by providing historical events that have been affected by each of these specific postures. Lastly, he concludes his chapter to remind Christians of becoming creators and cultivators in order to change culture.

Chapter 3: CLAIM ONE: “Culture is constantly changing, and different kinds of culture change at different rates.” Crouch makes it a point to address culture change, and he makes this claim the show that the impact on culture varies based on the circumstances. He supports this claim by addressing the relationship of speed of change and the longevity of impact. He expresses how culture takes time in order to have a…

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