A New Course By Magdalena Kay Essay example

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In her article, “A New Course”, Magdalena Kay, an associate professor of English, questions the ideal of education, innovation, openness,and self-fulfillment, then points out the problems of higher education. In her lifetime, Magdalena Kay acquired her Bachelor of Arts at Harvard and PhD at UC Berkeley. Dr. Kay now teaches British and Irish literature at the University of Victoria. Kay claims that a change must be done to problems within higher education such as, the increase of tuition, the decline of college ideals, college’s true purpose, etc., in order to save the future of higher education. College education is a “work factory”, an on the job training facility, to prepare students and acquire the ideal jobs of each individual to survive in our innovative world rather than experiencing personal and intellectual growth and becoming like minded individuals throughout one’s time in college.
Louis Menand, an ivy league professor, presents his three theories of learning in his article, “Why We have College”. In his first theory of college, Menand points out that college is a four year intelligence test towards students. He then adds up his second theory to college stating that “Education is about personal and intellectual growth, not about winning some race to the top” (Menand). Last but not the least, he then expands his argument by adding his last theory emphasizing that college is required to have a high paying job. Throughout his article, Menand’s second theory…

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