A New Audience For An Old Maid Essay

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A New Audience for an Old Maid Jane Austen was born on December 16, 1775 in St. Nicholas 's Church to George and Cassandra Austen. Jane was the seventh of eight children and out of all her siblings, she had two favorites. Henry Austen was born in 1771 and was close to Jane. He talked with publishers for her when they grew up. Cassandra Elizabeth was older than Jane but they were still very close. They shared a room together, went to school together, and Cassandra was with Jane when she died(“Jane Austen” Concise Dictionary).
Both sisters never married but fell in love at one time or another. Cassandra was engaged to a chaplain named Thomas Fowle who died of yellow fever in the West Indies. Jane was once in love with a curate that she met visiting in Sidmouth but he too died like Cassandra’s love. Before this Jane was engaged to Thomas Lefroy, a relative of some friends. But, they could not be married since his income would not allow such a marriage and his his family depended on his money. Later in life Jane was proposed to again by Harris Bigg-Wither who was six years younger than her with a decent income but, she did not love him. After much consideration she decided she could not marry him even though it would help her a lot financially. Therefore, ironically, the amorist never found love herself and some believe that is the reason all of Jane’s romances end happy, to compensate for her loveless life(“Jane Austen” Concise Dictionary).
Jane Austen had another favorite…

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