A Narrative Essay : Death

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Narrative Essay Death is an experience that nobody wants to experience, but unfortunately everyone dies. It 's a depressing time, and a time to be thankful for everything you 've ever been blessed with. For my grandfather, death was knocking at his door two years after he was diagnosed with bone cancer. He had gone through treatment, but eventually it stopped working and the only thing anyone could do was wait. My grandfather was admitted to the Gosnell Memorial Hospice House in Scarborough, Maine on July 29, 2013. I got the phone call from my older sister, Amanda, and I knew something was very wrong the moment I heard her speak. She first asked me how I was doing, and after a reply, her words were like knives stabbing my chest, “Papa has been moved to Hospice and he 's not doing well at all. They don 't think he 's going to make it through the night.” I broke down, crying so hard that my eyes became instantly puffy, and I couldn 't catch a breath. This was it. I would no longer have my Papa. He would be gone, and all I 'd have are the memories we shared, and a few photos of us together. My grandfather was the most honest, caring, and gentle man that I had ever known. He was also a hypochondriac, refusing to go out in the rain or the snow in fear of becoming ill. Understandable, since he had many health complications in his lifetime, which resulted in him having a heart transplant by the time he was forty years old. Still, my grandfather was an amazing man. I could…

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