Essay about A Multi Disciplinary Team ( Mdt )

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A Multi-Disciplinary team (MDT) contains health professionals that work in partnership with clients to produce better health outcomes REF. They provide care that is efficient and effective (MOH, 2014c). Depending on the stage of the long term condition the MDT members differ in specialised fields that offers expertise and specific skills beneficial to the patient (MOH, 2014c)
At present the aim of Sues MDT members is to help her self-manage her diabetes, with diet, exercise and medication. (Diabetes New Zealand, 2014) states that, a proper diet, daily exercise will reduce the risk of further complications of diabetes. Sue has gained a lot of weight she admits this is because of poor diet choice and lack of exercise.
Sue feels trusting towards her MDT and considers the care they give to her is adequate. Sue expresses that she has an excellent rapport mainly with her nurse and feels happy at ask for help from him. In spite of this she admits it is often very difficult to comprehend what the GP is talking about and often leaves the doctors unsure.
Sue’s MDT involves her General Practitioner (GP) a pharmacist and a nurse. Every three months Sue sees her GP for a check-up and has done so since she was 45 years old. When she was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 45 years old. The role of the GP is reviewing and creating a plan to manage Sue’s diabetes (Health Navigator New Zealand [HNNZ], 2014b). A diabetes plan will provide Sue with resource’s and tools so she can better…

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