A Modest Proposal By Jonathan Swift Essay

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A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift is a fake idea come up to show how bad some of the people 's lives were and were becoming in Ireland at the time. People were starving, living in slums and dying at very young ages. Jonathan Swift was a middle-class man with the intentions to help these poor, dying people but only to find that these people just rejected his ideas and spat in his face. After multiple failed tries to get the people of Ireland to realize their state of helplessness, Swift chooses a slightly different approach. In this new attempt, Swift builds an absurd proposal which to get these poor and helpless people to realize their situation and take control of their lives. While relying primarily on satire and his unique writing style, Swift uses irony, sarcasm, and logos in an attempt to get the poor crowd that is rotting in the middle of the town of Dublin motivated enough to stand up and make a change in their life.

He first uses sympathetic language almost to pull the reader in and make them feel sorry for the "Beggars of the female Sex, followed by three, four, or six Children, all in Rags". He then goes on to say instead of working and making a living like they should, these mothers are "forced to employ all their time in Stroling, to beg Sustenance for their helpless Infants" who then just grow up to become "Thieves". So instead of working and feeding their children like most parents they have to stroll the streets and beg for money. The reader then is…

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