A Model Of Therapy And Therapy Essay

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As a therapist, it is essential that a model of therapy is chosen that not only can be administered successfully and confidently by the therapist, but also meets the client(s) needs. There can be many factors that can contribute to this decision: family dynamics, whether it is a family or couple, culture, and even the general concepts of the therapy. In this essay I will explain a model of therapy I relate to and have used the most, as well as several others which I believe are equally successful. I have worked in the realm of juvenile justice for over seven years and as such encounter several families struggling as a result of one main issue…boundaries. This issue has created an environment which has made me very comfortable utilizing the structural family model of therapy. Utilized by therapists such as Salvador Minuchin and Charles Fishman, structural family therapy focuses on the dynamics of a family as a whole. The basic idea of this model is, problems reside within a family structure and therefore the structure must be changed in order to correct the unwanted effects. In relation to children, the model states that problem behavior is often related to the boundaries between parents as well as between parents and children. This can mean that the boundaries are either too relaxed which results in unmanageable behavior, or they are too rigid which can result in rebellious delinquent behavior. The hierarchy of a family can also result in unwanted issues which are…

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