A Midsummer Night 's Dream Essay

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The “Green World” is best used in A Midsummer Night 's Dream, the fairy magic (magic that is found in a “Green World’) is linked to the wonder and development of love. Love, as Shakespeare seems to describe it to be, is an enchanting and magical conversion that can be said as in the saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. When the characters fall in love with others than who they are supposed to be in love with, the setting takes place in the Green World (aka the forest) it is caused by Oberon 's love potion that blinds the characters to fall in love with others other than who they really love. How else could we explain the irrational explanation of the beautiful fairy queen 's infatuation with Bottom who, of course, has been turned into a donkey? Or Lysander 's sudden love for Helena? All these questions are answered throughout the play because of being in the “Green World”.
Since the term “green world” was made by Northrop Frey as “a place where the characters go to escape the restrictive waking of the world of the city and where the imagination, magic, and dreams dwell” the role of Titania the fairy queen is seen as the motherly figure of the Green World; she is the ideal mother earth who nurtures all living things, including the mortals. Her being and influence with the harmony of the natural world as stated in the text “Their wonted liveries, and mazed world, By their increase, now knows which is which. And this same progeny of evils comes from debate, from our…

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