A Meaningful Life : August Raintree Essay

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A meaningful life is a broad term encompassing a varied number of definitions having to do with the pursuit of life satisfaction. Life is all about obstacles that we have to overcome to achieve greatness. April Raintree is a perfect example of how one can overcome difficult situations to live a meaningful life. Depending on the type of person, happiness can come in a variety of different ways. Whatever the meaning might be to certain people, these ideas and opinions might reflect to what a meaningful life might be like, according to the book In Search of April Raintree. April Raintree’s idea of happiness was living the “white life.” Attending fancy dinners, dressing to impress and having unlimited financial support. She soon realised that the people she idolized so much growing up were just like her very own. Both sides had their own point of view on each other and no matter how much luxury April lived in, she was never truly happy. Throughout her life, April deals with racism on a multitude of levels that can be primarily classified into two categories: personal and institutional. The violence and abuse, both childhood and sexual, that April faces are examples of personal racism. The foster care process works to distance April from her Metis traditions as well as her family. April also experiences racism in the form of physical and verbal abuse and her rapists, in the added form of sexual violence. When April gets raped, she is forced into the identity of the “squaw”, a…

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