A Man Of The People By Chinua Achebe Essay examples

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Odili’s imminent struggle within “A Man of the People,” written by Chinua Achebe, to narrate the various complexities of power and morality between the ruler and ruled can be seen throughout use presence of inaccurate, retrospective narrative; as well as irony, parody and allegories such as altruism versus self-interest as well as compliance versus coercion. The search for meaning in the New Nation, therefore, is perceived to be unfixed, and the definitions of morality and power are blurred by the lack of identity and vision within the new Independent nation, as perceived by the lack of an accurate narration by the speaker. Meaning can be seen as relative as morality and power is relative within the text, due to the lack of accuracy within the narration of the novel.
Odili as the narrator of the novel himself exuberates the significance of the struggle to create meaning between morality and power through his narrative, as he relies on his own memory to narrate the happenings of the text. The homodiegetic narration is written in the retrospect, and this causes the modernist text to be open to questioning of its accuracy and reliability. Memory in itself is open to alteration, selection, deletion, and perception as change is suitable to the person who holds it. How one experiences an event will not be the same as how one remembers it to be, therefore fact is lost, and what appears may not always be what is. Odili himself openly conveys the loss of confidence within the…

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