A Man Of No Importance By Terrence Mcnally Essay

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The second performance for this semester was called A Man of No Importance, from the book written by Terrence McNally, with music by Stephen Flaherty and lyrics by Lynn Ahrens. The story follows the journey of Alfie Byrne, and his theatre group at St. Imelda’s, as he figures out who he is in Dublin, Ireland in 1964.
Given the setting of the play being in very Catholic Dublin, Ireland, especially in 1964 the lives of the characters are impacted in many different ways. The hold that the rules of the church have on them impacts all of their lives differently. Alfie doesn’t feel comfortable coming out as gay to even his closest friends and family. Lily is left waiting for Alfie to marry before she can marry herself, and the entire group of St. Imelda’s theatre are left not being able to perform the plays they choose because of the Church’s belief.
Living as your true self is a main aspect seen throughout the entire play. Alfie and his sister Lily are some of the characters doing their best to live as their authentic selves all throughout the play. Alfie is staying true to his love of theatre, even with all the push back and the cancellation of plays by the church. Society and religious expectations impact Alfie being who he is by giving him fear of people finding out that he is gay when Alfie is taunted by Breton Beret and he gives into his temptations and then gets beaten up by the group of men. Lily, shows the love she has for her brother by still caring for him and being…

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